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Speaker Positioning

Good speaker boxes would still perform badly if you are not putting them correctly.  In this article, we are trying to share our experience in speaker positioning.

All speakers are come with their manufacturers’ recommendations. They are commonly talking about should be used close to a wall or out in free space. But there is no iron rule in all situations. “Trial-&-Error” is the only path to success. Some speakers may sound perfectly within a foot of a solid rear wall in one room, but others may make you shock in the same position.

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For speakers without any baAll Postsss-tuning ports (a big hole), tend to sound best when sued very close to rear walls. While bass-tuning port models need to be close, but with space behind them to let the ports ‘breathe’, my suggestion is about one foot. However, it depends on different environments and speaker boxes. Also, there are other speakers with ports in the front, left-sided or right-sided or even multiple ports, positioning can get more tricky.

With a sloping wall/ceiling or things, you may possibly get very weird-sounding. A ‘very flat’ listening room is suggested. Nevertheless, you can still have reasonable sound quality if special care on positioning. (check positioning examples for details)

Speaker Placement Example

Remember positioning is in three dimensions.  You may move your speakers everywhere in your listening room for finding the best positions.  However, it is much easier when you are well-experienced.

My recommendation is to take a “reference” CD from a famous orchestra.  If you are doing the right job, you should locate the sound of each instrument correctly.

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