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Hi-fi euthuist are always feeling headache in getting their systems well-matched.  If it sounds great, you need to do anything more.  Just enjoy your system!

Basically, you can just plug whatever amplifier with any speakers to make sound.  Unfortunately, amp/speaker matching is far more complex, but you have to pick the amp is powerful enough getting to the minimum speaking input level.  It should not be far wrong from it.  Also, some experienced people will also consider the maximum input rating of speaker may be as double of the maximum of the amp output.

Too little amp power can cause distortions and, in extremis, speaker damage.  However, using an amp more powerful than the speakers’ maximum recommended input wattage is unlikely to cause problems (apart from burnt from playing too loudly).

Build Your Own Reference System

Matching components on sonic grounds is even simpler.  Take comments and advices by us (or any famous magazines like Absolute Sound in US) – that they are ‘warm’, ‘cool’, ‘bright’ or whatever.  It is important to note that combining two or more components with the same kind of sonic character is usually a disaster.

To take an example, a warm amp with a warm speaker, you will get a system make you fall in sleep.  If you can’t get sleep at night, buy such combination.  A great suggestion by my friend in England is that a bright-sounding CD player with a warmish amp and speakers, enabling you to get a more “liveable” sonic balance.

Listening is the way to make a good match.  At this point, you have to find a good dealer (actually very difficult) and let you experiment, giving you invaluable guidance.  With my experience for 1 decade, I have never seen such dealer in Hong Kong. ☺  Even they are looking good, but they are always pushing you to buy their favours (with better commission) not my favours.

Finally, you may ask what is the equipment of Samuel and they are:

  1. WADIA CD Digital 2000 (very old stuff)
  2. CJ PreAmp (very old stuff)
  3. VTL Manley (10 years old)
  4. ProAc Response one
  5. Monster Cable

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