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AV system tutorial – leading to better visual & sonic enjoyment

5.1-3D Figure

5.1 Surround System

Background The 5.1 surround system is the elementary home theater with quite simple setup with reasonably good result.  For myself, 5.1 surround system is being chosen for my small studio.…
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7.1 3D figure

7.1 Surround System

Background Even the classic 5.1 surround system is very good for watching movies, but it may fulfil audiences for better quality surround sound. For the 7.1 system, it consists of:…
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9.1 3D figure

9.1 Surround System

Background More speakers in a home theater should produce better experience in surround sound.  For 9.1 system, it should deliver “cinematic” experience with 9 speakers and a subwoofer.  The main…
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