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5.1-3D Figure
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5.1 Surround System


The 5.1 surround system is the elementary home theater with quite simple setup with reasonably good result.  For myself, 5.1 surround system is being chosen for my small studio.

For the 5.1 system, it consists of:

Item #DescriptionRemarks
1Surround Sound Processor / AMP
2Center Speaker1
3Left / Right Speaker1 for each side (L/R)
4Left / Right Surround Speaker1 for each side (L/R)
NOTES: for items 2-4, they are totally 5 speakers as 5 and the item 5 (subwoofer) is the “.1”.  Thus, it is being called as 5.1 system.


Let’s take a look on the floor-plan of the 5.1 theater.

5.1-Floor Plan

The installation suggestion is based on the information available from the Dolby Lab.  With our experience, it should be fine-tuned for every listening room.  The key is the positioning as the angle of the speaker position and the physical height of the speakers.

To take an example, a room with wooden wall should be sounded very well.  Further adjustment will be necessary for a brick wall.  In order to build the best-fit system, you need to set your height and position of each speaker with the help of the AV system.  Then, you have to compare the effects when sitting down at your seat by playing the same track until the most comfortable one.

Also, the 3-D plan is being shown below:

5.1-3D Figure

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